The Xtensor

Reverse Grip Hand Exerciser

The Xtensor works by rebalancing overworked hands strengthening as you extend the fingers open.

  • Patented Hand Strengthener, Strengthens the muscles as you open your hand,
    helping to reverse issues stemming from a life time of gripping and squeezing
  • Focus on Individual Finger Strength to address problems that traditional hand strength tools overlook
  • Hand Grip Exerciser is meant to Correct Muscle Problems and Increase Blood Flow
    to the Affected Area; Restores Vital Nutrients to the Muscle and Tendons
  • Helps People with Arthritis Reduce Hand Pain and Stiffness while also Improving Finger
    Function and Movement for better finger mobility
  • No Assembly Required; Combining this hand grip strengthener with the Clinically Fit
    EZElbowPro system will Provide Long Term Relief from tennis elbow, or epicondylitis,
    and other issues such as rheumatoid arthritis

SALE: $29.95




  • 1 - Xtensor Hand Exerciser
  • 5 - Fingerbands
  • 1 - Dual Sided Thumbband
  • 1 - Wrist Strap


Repetitive squeezing and gripping with varying amounts of force often has a dramatic affect on how our hands age regardless of race, gender, age, job, activity or hobby.

Whether its hand tools, fishing rods, dental instruments or playing musical instruments like guitar or keyboard; reverse grip hand exercises are essential to keeping your hands feeling young and performing as you want them to.

The Xtensor reverse grip hand strengthener was designed to counter a forceful repetitive gripping required by all of life's daily activities. Always seek medical approval before beginning any exercise program.

The Xtensor reverse grip hand exerciser was designed to strengthen the muscles and tendons in the hands and fingers that originate in the forearms and deep into the elbows to counter act the daily forceful gripping thats part of everyday life.

The Xtensor works on either hand and fits most. Each finger attaches to its own finger band that integrates into a tension grid for increased or decreased tension.

Reverse grip exercises using Xtensor technology allow your fingers to move through their own specific natural path of motion for correct joint alignment.

Holding your hands open while under tension provides a deep repetitive stretch in the palms leading into the carpal tunnel that help loosen often overused tight muscles.

Xtensor Intro

Interview with Hand Surgeon Dr Badia

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