Compression Strap

The EZElbow treats tennis elbow from multiple angles to accelerate healing through improved blood flow.

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  • Combines compression therapy with Corrective Exercise


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Tennis elbow is a painful condition, the result of inflammation at the origin point of the inside/outside of the elbow tendon usually due to micro tears over a period of time from repetitive activities and a lack of adequate blood supply as tendons unlike muscles do not have receive good blood flow.

For the past few decades the standard treatment has been cortisone injections and compression straps with air cushions or foam padding but compression and cortisone only provide temporary band aids resulting in high reoccurrence rates and extended pain and suffering.

EZElbow looks and feels like the previous generations of compression straps currently sold and is made using washable skin friendly materials. It's an all in one system integrating heat and ice into the compression platform to relieve pain and improve blood flow and reduce inflammation to the extensor muscles and tendons in the elbow delivering nutrients needed to repair damaged tissue and create a healthy healing environment to speed up recovery time.

The instant heat pack is reusable and specifically designed along with the ice packs to fit inside the compression platform. The smart tab creates an elbow cuff eliminating struggle people experience using other elbow straps.

EZELBOW in 2 minutes

Interview with Hand Surgeon Dr Badia

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