Anglers Elbow Performance Therapy System


Treats anglers elbow pain from multiple angles to speed up healing and keep you fishing.

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  • Compression therapy with an instant reusable heat pack
  • Interchangeable compression platform includes fast freeze packs
  • Reverse grip hand strength technology for stronger forearms and hands
  • Don't just treat symptoms Address the cause of Anglers Elbow


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Anglers elbow can be really painful. Its the result of repetitive pitching, casting and setting your hook while doing what anglers love Micro tears cause Inflammation on the inside or outside of the elbow over a period of time and can take 12-15 months to fully heal.

For the past few decades the standard treatment has been compression straps and cortisone injections with only provide temporary relief and a condition lasting as long as a year or two. Staying pain free comes and goes through the process due to high re-injury rates extending pain and suffering.

Our anglers elbow pain relief kit has been specifically designed to treat anglers elbow pain from multiple directions integrating the four essential components all injuries require for optimal healing; preventing further injury, treating the symptoms, addressing the cause of the problem and delivering blood flow for nutritional healing of the muscles and tendons.

Our compression strap looks and feels like all other versions currently sold and is manufactured using washable skin friendly materials but that's where the similarities end. We built a compression platform that allows for interchangeable therapies such as heat, ice and acupressure.

The interchangeable compression platform enables hands free heat and ice therapy with compression so you don't have to stop what you're doing.

Our instant heat pack is reusable and specifically designed along with the ice packs and acupressure plate to easily fit inside the compression platform of your compression strap.

Unlike all other elbow straps, we designed a smart tab that eliminates the typical struggle putting one on having only one hand free.

Our reverse grip hand strengthener fits either hand, is made in the USA and a great way to develop the forearm strength needed to overcome the stress placed on the muscles while pitching, casting and setting hooks all day.

The anglers elbow pain relief kit works to create a healthy healing environment speeding up recovery time while strengthening the muscles and tendons in the forearm and elbows so they can handle and absorb more stress and is designed around the principle of driving maximum blood flow to the injured area by addressing the cause, repairing the tendons and strengthening the forearm and elbow muscles to helping prevent future injuries and minimize setbacks so you get better and stay better.


  • The Xtensor Reverse Grip Hand Strengthener
  • Compression Strap with interchangeable therapy platform
  • 1 - Reusable Instant Heat Pack
  • 2 - Reusable Instant Cold Packs
  • 1 - Acupressure Spikeplate

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