Medical Testimonials

"What´s exceptional about the EZELBOW system is how it effectively transfers the load away from the injured elbow tendon but also incorporates several treatment modalities all directed at improving blood flow which is essential to create a healthy healing environment."

Dr Alejandro Badia M.D. F.A.C.S
Hand Surgeon, Miami Fl.

"Saw The Xtensor at a hand conference. I was impressed by the system for hand therapy. The product is absolutely an innovation."

Dr. Stefano Lucchina MD,
Hand Surgeon, Switzerland

"Just a quick note to tell you how pleased with the results I have obtained using my Xtensor exerciser. As a practicing dentist of approximately 25+ years I started having hand problems several months ago. I would wake in the middle of the night with both hands clenched in a tight fist. In the morning the joints of my right hand, including my thumb, would ache enough that I needed to take ibuprofen before going to work. After seeing an article about the Xtensor it became apparent that the flexor muscles were overpowering my extensor muscles causing unbalanced tension in my hands. After using The Xtensor for the last 4-5 weeks I have noticed a marked improvement in my condition. I no longer need any ibuprofen nor do I awaken with my hands in tight fists as before. The appliance itself is quite comfortable and easy to use."


"Having used your Xtensor for the last month, I am very pleased. At last, I have found a product to adequately strengthen the extensor muscles of the forearm. Hopefully, the exercise can prevent recurrence of my tennis elbow."

Clement M. Barone, M.D.

"Without proper conditioning of the finger extensor muscles and tendons, even the most innocent activities can lead to severe problems. The Xtensor is a conditioning tool that can help prevent these with proper, regular usage. Hand and wrist strength in the extensor region is often overlooked as a key to success in many sports."

Marc A. Shulman, M.D.
Team Sports Physician

"I have personally used The Xtensor for a month. It has a well thought out design, is comfortable on the wrist and hand and is an excellent device for strengthening the finger extensor muscles and tendons. It can also be used to improve strength for finger abduction and opposition and is very unique, durable device that will benefit people with both general and specific hand weaknesses. For example, it can be used following Hand, Wrist or Elbow Surgery. It may also be of value for people recovering from mild TIA (Stroke) or CVA and has implications for people recovering from Tennis/Golfers Elbow and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I highly recommend this unique device"

Ralph Steinberg
Physical Therapist

"Anyone can benefit from using The Xtensor particularly people who do a lot of manual activity whether it be for sports, hobbies or work"

Dr Alejandro Badia M.D. F.A.C.S
Hand Surgeon, Miami Fl.

"After 45 years in practice, cleaning and scaling teeth, I developed constant pain in my right hand. Oftentimes during the night, I would awaken with extreme sharp pain in my hand. Browsing through a recent Dental Products Review, I came across The Xtensor hand exerciser and decided to give it a try. WOW!! Within a week and a half of using The Xtensor my pain was relieved. I highly recommend The Xtensor if anyone suffers from carpal syndrome. Relief without surgery- What a concept!"

Dr. Thomas A. Dwyer

"The new finger bands are GREAT! They are stronger which provides more resistance. This in turn makes the user work harder, thus makes the hand/fingers stronger. The new bands also eliminates the need for different sizes for all fingers and thumb. AWESOME! Thank you soo much!"

Patricia Cox

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