Whats your Personal Wellness Agenda?

Do you have one?

Learn to integrate the long list of amazing foods and highly bioavailable compounds available today into a concisely structured wellness plan beginning with our 60 Day Detox philosophy.

Consulting with Clinically Fit you get a Personal Wellness Director to help you plan and set up a Personal Wellness Agenda specific to where you are in your life now and where you think you want to go.

A Personal wellness agenda (PWA) is something everyone has whether they they are proactive about it or not and is something very specific for each person ranging from a comprehensive oral hygeine care plan to how to keep aging joints moving or optimizing metabolic function. Get in touch to discuss why you are looking to take on the challenge of a 60 day detox and what it is you would like to accomplish from it.

Rates from $50 per day all supplements and non water liquids included plus a variety of complimentary wellness products you select from an ever growing list.

Clinically Fit employs nutrition principles based on molecules, compounds and cells, not calories, burning fat or weight loss.

60 day detox changes how you feel improving your overall health and providing the deep reset so many find essential to do annually as part of their annual metabolism maintinence program. Focusing on wellness, quality of life from your skin, body composition, energy and focus and outlook.

Scott Kupferman
CEO, Clinically Fit
Personal Wellness Director

Email for more information.